Monday, December 18, 2006

Manuel Garcia's fancy way to say "moonbat"

The below comment was made at Spooked's website, saying correctly that "conspiratory pincher," a combination of the names of two regular commenters, do nothing but mock and never respond to Spooked's great questions and analyses.

"The whole official 9/11 story is a pack of lies, and all conspiratory pincher can do is hurl insults like a slightly-below-average 4th grader."

I've been reading Manual Garcia's article in Counterpunch, "The Physics of 9/11," so I reacted to this comment as written below. My conclusion is that Garcia is a fancier version of 4th-grader commenters -- he uses intellectual snobbery to hide his tautological reasoning that assumes what he purports to prove.

I plan to support this assertion in the next week or so, but I believe my conclusion is obvious. I would appreciate if people would read Garcia's paper, find Garcia's tautology, and post it as comment. (Hint: It's in the section Physics Problem Number 1 -- Free Fall of the WTC Towers)

They're joined by Manuel Garcia in Counterpunch, with his article "The Physics of 9/11."

The only difference is that Garcia hurls insults like a way-below-average college sophomore, especially considering his Princeton education. "Conspiracy theory," Jungian "mass psychosis," "flying saucers," "Godzilla," "political immaturity," fear, ignorance, and poor education, with the obligatory unexplained reference to Occam's Razor.

After finishing his attempt at mockery and intellectual intimidation, Garcia then moves to what is supposed to be the subject of his article, the physics of 9/11. The purpose of this, he says, is to bestow rationality and political maturity on the poor, misled "conspiracy theorists."

Garcia does this with a big fancy tautology. Why did the towers fall in virtually free-fall time? Because Garcia assumes they did, and has created a fancy model that most readers of Counterpunch won't take the time to recognize assumes would it purports to prove. Garcia has a PhD in engineering and is much too erudite and sophisticated to be a victim of conspiracy theories, so the truth of his analysis is self-evident.

Manuel Garcia, Conspiracy Smasher's big brother that went to college.

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