Friday, December 29, 2006

Mad Conspiracy Theories vs. Rational Inquiry

I have no idea what exactly happened on 9/11. How could I -- I am groping around in a dark room trying to figure it out.

Why? Because the government's story is absurd. If you think the lights are on and you can see fine about 9/11, then with all due respect, you are still being deceived by the government's ludicrous conspiracy theory. More on that below.

The burden of proving the government's story wrong is not on citizens, who have a right to have the law enforced by their public servants. It is not for me or any other citizen to explain what exactly happened. We are forced as citizens to research this issue as best we can, because of officialdom's complicity or cowardly acquiescence in the official conspiracy theory.

Some citizens have learned to work quite well in the dark. By 2003 at the latest, they had developed and published the basis for criminal investigations. These people, which include Gerard Holmgren, Jared Israel, Rosalee Grable, Jeff King, and Nico Haupt, developed many of the facts now being selectively published, often without attribution, by those who entered the field after it became safe to question 9/11. Gerard Holmgren is perhaps the best and most comprehensive of these original researchers, and his work credits and hyperlinks to others' work.

If you want to quit groping around in the dark, which you must be doing if you have the mind to recognize the obvious lies and the heart to care, I think this essay by Gerard Holmgren is a great place to start your serious consideration of the 9/11 crimes:

Watch out for Mad! Conspiracy Theories: Paranoid Fantasies About 9/11
By Gerard Holmgren

When you are done laughing, and grinding your teeth, read this :

Manufactured Terrorism - The Truth About Sept 11
By Gerard Holmgren

Mr. Holmgren suggests starting with the second of these, but the first is a good way to get your critical faculties going, and the first shows that those with the burden of proof have told an absurd story. It is an ironically entertaining read as well, and as close to funny as you can get when talking about mass murder.

His entire website should be read by any serious researcher, and properly cited. It is my hope that brave and honest politicians, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials will read this website and do something about the 9/11 crimes. I still have hope our republic is not so far gone that the "Mad Conspiracy Theory" described by Holmgren stands as "history," and not so far gone that the horrific and ongoing 9/11 crimes go unpunished.

Start at his home page, which explains all the materials on his website:

The "disinformation" section is directed more at the so-called "9/11 Truth Movement," and has some very interesting writing. Congressman and prosecutors with subpoena power shouldn't have to bother with this internal mess, but "Disinformation and the art of Critical Thinking" is a good and quick read to understand what citizen researchers have had to put up with while the authorities ignored 9/11.

Citizen researchers would benefit from reading all the articles there. Holmgren may be a bit harsh, but he raises very serious questions about the ethics and critical thinking of many in the "truth" movement. From what I can see, Holmgren has been attacked for his positions, for sticking to his positions, and for asking other people to clarify their own positions, and these attacks have not been in the spirit of open debate and inquiry.

I would prefer that talk of "disinformation" go away, and that people would just evaluate each others' arguments on the merits. Maybe this can happen now. Nevertheless, I think Holmgren's "disinformation" section is a valuable history for new researchers to read. It is as well- documented as all of his work, so you can decide for yourself whether his suspicions as to motives are justified.

About the term "citizen": Gerard Holmgren is a citizen of Australia, but his country has been greatly affected by 9/11, as has the entire world. Citizens of all countries have the right to know what happened, and the intelligence services of many of their countries surely know more they are not telling. Peaceloving citizens of all countries share a common interest in having the 9/11 criminals brought to justice.


Conspiracy Smasher said...

"I have no idea what exactly happened on 9/11."

Yet you promote the idea of Ray guns. Silly man...

...and the reason you have no comments and few visitors is your censorship policy...which is typical of the conspiradroid mind...

Ningen said...

"Yet you promote the idea of Ray guns."

Wrong. I haven't put enough thought into "Ray guns" (your word) to rule them in or out, but they seem plausible and see no reason they should be not considered as a possibility.

No planes and demolition of some sort has been proved beyond any reasonable doubt, so I focus on those positions.

".and the reason you have no comments and few visitors is your censorship policy."

I rejected one comment by "Avery Dylan," because I thought it lacked substance and was sophomoric, but later I changed my mind and published another one of his.

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