Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Professor Fenster declines to respond

Professor Fenster has declined to comment on my open letter to him, published earlier:

He has responded to me privately but will not give me permission to post his responses.

He has shown no indication that he has thought seriously about the questions raised by those he brands "9/11 conspiracy theorists," and I stand by my position that he has acted irresponsibly.

I have not told Professor Fenster my real name, which I realize is a bit unfair. However, as someone who has written that "[e]mploying the term 'conspiracy theory' serves as a strategy of delegitimation in political discourse," he should understand why I wish to remain anonymous.

As a victim of the "strategy of delegitimation" Fenster describes and has contributed to, I do not feel it is unfair to express my criticisms here.

The content of my letter should be more important than my identity. This forum is open to Professor Fenster should he wish to post a rebuttal.

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