Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sandia has new video of crash test

This video shows more of the debris that resulted from the crash, some of which is fairly large. One shot appears to show a large wingtip shooting off to the side. I'll have to wait to describe what this new video means in my view; for now, here it is:

(Click on "F-4 Videostream." The .mov file links don't work.)


shep said...

the reason i don't like this video is because it shows an F4, which is a supersonic fighter jet meaning that it is designed to endure a significantly different set of material stresses than a Boeing 767. a supersonic fighter jet must deal with extreme g-forces when executing turns over mach 1 (pinch's wingman told me) but a Boeing never exceeds mach 1 let alone performs high g-force air maneuvers comparable to a fighter jet.

while not an impact video, i think this video of an MD-80 gives a better idea of how strong commercial airliners are. it's not a Boeing, but thats still a decent sized plane, and, to the best of my knowledge, still flying today.

(if the link is dead, try here

Ningen, many thanks for posting the JPEGs of the Karim & Hoo Fatt down below!

Ningen said...

Thanks, Shep, and you're welcome. How does a tougher plane change things? I was looking at it more in terms of a tougher wall that results in complete fragmentation that absorbs all the kinetic energy.