Sunday, May 6, 2007

Guantanomo detainees not terrorists

The conservative U.S. attorney who finally won the release of the Chinese detainees has a theory that part of what's driving Administration secrecy at Guantanamo is sheer embarrassment at the nonthreatening nature of its detainees there. Not only are these people tortured, refused access to the evidence against them, and hidden from the world indefinitely at our government's whim, many of them also appear to be totally unconnected to terrorism or any plot against the United States or its citizens. Worse still, the fact that they are giving up so little information of any use has, perversely, prompted our government to use harsher and harsher interrogation techniques against its schlub captives.

The Progressive article links to a transcript of the radio show where attorney Sabin Willett makes these statements, beginning at the bottom of page 5.

Not only are they innocent until proven guilty, but for many if not most, there appears to be no probable cause for their continued detention. Habeas corpus is being denied to avoid embarrassment, and also to continue the propaganda of the Global War of Terror.

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