Saturday, May 5, 2007

Jeff King on the unphysical crash of Flight 175

The voice is Jeff King - I think the video is by Fred.


Anonymous said...

good one, JK's intelligence and background are CRUCIAL for S-11 Truth...

Anonymous said...

""the only really dense part of the plane are the engines which of course are these great big lumps of titanium and steel""
~narrative taken from vid.
they are not really "great big lumps".
a wrecking ball is a "great big lump".
a 767 engine, while being comprised of steel and perhaps titanium, is actually quite brittle and even fragile. there would be a center shaft, which would indeed be quite strong but hardly a great big lump, and some kind of motor to drive this shaft and the brackets which held it all in place but the rest of the engine would be a delicate fan and housing and fuel/air injectors which would shatter into a zillion and one pieces upon impacting against the massive steel columns of a wtc.

i stand by my "767 is nothing more than a flying beer can and would squash against a wtc" analogy.

i see that jenkins has yet to state in what manner would the smooth rounded lightweight plastic/aluminum nosecone/fuselage of a REAL 767 penetrate the massive steel/concrete of a wtc.
would it:

A) cut thru like a blade?
B) bludgeon thru like a hammer?
C) flow thru like a liquid?

these are the true physics of an aluminum/plastic 767 vs. steel/concrete wtc.

i posed this question more than a year ago @ when i first noticed jim fetzer commenting there. he has not seen fit to discuss this.
indeed, even morgan reynolds has not responded to to the very same question:
"in what manner, sirs? in what manner."

Ningen said...

Still, I would agree with King that the engines are the most dense part of the plane. If anything were to penetrate, it would be these.