Tuesday, May 8, 2007

NIST on the WTC2 impact

How does the aluminum fuselage penetrate the steel columns backed by the floors?

Why does the tail just disappear? [Not a good question, in retrospect. The claim made by the picture appears to be that the tail disintegrates at the entry hole.]


Anonymous said...

oh the lightweight smooth rounded plastic nosecone of the lightweight beer-can-like aluminum fuselage of a 767 penetrates the massive hardened steel/concrete of a wtc as if by magic!
(see: the official cartoon NIST diagrams of a 767 already inside the wtc!)
what i find to be disconcerting is that jenkins has based his deceleration nonsense on these diagrams without any explanation whatsoever.
equally disconcerting to me is the lack of response from reynolds, fetzer, prof wood, et al to this very question (that has been posed to them) that you also pose on this very blog post.
even more disconcerting to me is that more 9/11 "truthers" do not demand an answer to this question.

no aluminum/plastic plane on the face of this planet can penetrate the massive steel columns of a wtc, no matter how fast it might be going.

ningen, you are to be commended IMO for simply posing this question.
keep at it sir.

Anonymous said...

i should elaborate...
the very crux of the planes/no-planes issue is centered on whether a plane can actually penetrate a wtc.
this is a separate issue from video fakery (the actuality of which has been well established) of a plane penetrating a wtc.

a plane cannot penetrate a wtc.
either one admits this fact or one explains exactly in what manner could a plane do so.
for the eleventeenth time:

does the lightweight smooth rounded plastic nosecone of a plane:
A) slice/cut thru like a blade?
B) bludgeon thru like a hammer?
C) flow (between and around the massive steel columns) like a liquid? (mercury?)

any dissembling or evasion of this simple question should not be tolerated IMO for even one more moment.
the fact that "no-planers" allow the continued dissembling/evasion of the simple statement:
"a plane CANNOT penetrate a wtc"
is quite telling in and of itself.
kudos to you ningen for asking the real question:

Ningen said...

Thanks, ha.

I think that engine and the portion of the wing between the engines with the fuel might have enough mass and rigidity to penetrate the columns, with an explosion. But the fuselage? No way.