Tuesday, May 29, 2007

War in the time of video

From today's Seattle Times:


War in the time of video
By Alex Alben

Alex Alben is a high-tech executive based in Seattle.

Now, with the advent of YouTube and self-publishing Web sites, every video upload is presented as having equal weight. Some video producers have a clear political ax to grind. Others seek to capitalize on a disturbing image, without revealing who took the picture or whether the incident might have been staged.

This guy has it backwards - YouTube is not the problem. But I like the title and the warning not to trust video.

I fear the wise editors, not the citizen posting on YouTube. Maybe Walter Cronkite was wise and our media was a force for good, but that day is long gone, with merchant of death General Electric owning NBC and running it as propaganda for profit.

Remember, this filthy deception was broadcast on network TV and affiliates, and that's why a copy is available on YouTube:


The wonderful editors whose loss of control he laments did not stop this staged video from being broadcast right after 9/11.

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