Monday, June 4, 2007

Are "9/11 Truth" filmmakers responsible for the images they show?

Both Loose Change and 9/11 Mysteries prominently feature the video broadcast on CNN of a plane penetrating the South Tower.

In both movies, the image is assumed to be authentic.

In a recent debate with Killtown, Dylan Avery, maker of Loose Change, refuses to answer what hit the South Tower.

(at 8:05)

Earlier in the video, Avery says "it's not about me," meaning that he has no responsibility for the image he shows in Loose Change of a plane penetrating the South Tower. Avery claims it is all about Killtown for daring to question the authenticity of this image, yet Avery offers no real defense of the image he has passed off to millions of viewers through his film.

Sophia Smallstorm also features the CNN footage at the beginning of her film "9/11 Mysteries." During Q&A after a recent showing of her film, I stated that this image was fraudulent and asked Ms. Smallstorm whether she had considered that issue. She did not state that she believed the image was authentic. She merely stated that she was making another film and that "we" were looking into it. Given that 9/11 Mysteries ends with a statement about the power of corporate media to influence us, I would have hoped that visual images from corporate media would be carefully reviewed
by the filmmakers before passing them off to their audience as real.

"9/11 Truth" filmmakers should have a position on whether or not the corporate or government media images they show in their films are real. If they choose to show an image despite knowing that questions have been raised about its authenticity, they should be prepared to answer questions about authenticity.

Does anyone dispute this?


Spooked said...

Excellent point. One also wonder why these people have so little curiosity about the authenticity of the video they use and why the "planes" defy physics.

Anonymous said...

oh no argument here!
i believe that anyone who shows any image to anybody needs to explain every aspect of said image if called upon.
killtown v. avery?
killtown has proven to be forthcoming and above board - a quality that is found to be sorely lacking in the child avery.
see this nonsense from avery's own forum.