Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No-plane witness?

The site is now down, but images are also available here:

After a while, I saw a huge fireball on the second tower -- being on the far side, I didn't see the plane and assumed a bomb or something had gone off. Other people behind me on land had a wider view and said they saw the second plane approach from far away, figuring it was a rescue plane of some kind. The second image shows the puff of the second impact, with arcing debris on the left side.

His view was wide enough to see a plane approach in the seconds before he took this picture of the tower exploding:

Larger version here:

Here are some photos with a plane, showing approach angles that should have been made them visible from the above perspective:

(Give the page time to load and go to the photos.)

I think the plane photos are fakes. Judge for yourself.

Here are some firefighters in a position to see and hear a plane that did not:

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brianv said...

Strange, that blob is! Hiding what he is?