Saturday, July 7, 2007

September Clues, Part 6

Game over.

Parts 1-5 here:


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

By researching and documenting Markos Alberto Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA's background in the CIA and the Salvadoran oligarchy, the Truth About Kos blog is providing progressives with the tools to fight back against Markos Alberto Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA (MAMZ).

Those who don't know about MAMZ's CIA history and his fabulously wealthy right-wing oligarchy family in El Salvador should definitely read this series of reports, based on Salvadoran and US Government documents, Salvadoran corporate websites and Markos' own words. It's The Truth About Kos blog.

Read about his family members' participation in a group (ANEP) connected to Salvadoran death squads, their offices in Odessa, Texas of all places (Bush was born there), their pollution of grey whale spawning grounds off the coast of Baja Mexico, and their pollution of El Salvador's endangered Jaltepeque Estuary, where they maintain a fabulously posh five-star hotel, private club and condominium conglomerate. Why didn't MAMZ tell us about any of this before?

And why did MAMZ spend six months training with the CIA in 2001?

driftbolt said...

sorry off topic a bit....

Maybe its time for you to pick up where Gerard has flamed out. Present the No planes/ TV fakery in your own way and post it for others to study. I don't know what the hell is happening at Rick Seigels 911 Researchers but I can't stand it anymore. I wish we could all just leave and go someplace else. I get the feeling Rick with his "freedom's tough" schtick is actually getting off on the whole thing and with everything happening who does Rick decide to pick on...Killtown....cute Rick. "Rick's right to be pissed at Sophia but Ricks pissed at everybody and thats gotten so old. Gerards points are valid but his spite has gotten the best of him and his spamming is childish to say the least. Fred probably shouldn't be fighting fire with fire but trying to keep Gerards spam off the front page is a noble endeavor and obviously Rick (smirking I'm sure) just doesn't give a shit. Rick in my opinion is a dick and Gerards threats of
spamming the MSM are assinine. As if they don't get spammed by "twoofers" enough as it is, they won't know what the hell he's talking about (furry teeth) and simply delete. Nico, well, i wont even get started with Nico other than to say, his mash-ups and gender psy-op crap is as confusing as his posts, though his research into ExWe. and Future Systems is strong and gets lost under pictures of feces (maybe it's a German thing).

So where do we go? Bloggers dead and those WTCdemo blog fence-sitters (no-planes @ pentagon or Shanksville but planes at WTC) just can't seem to grasp it. Their stuck in the middle, too radical for blogger but not radical enough to see the media hoax...someday maybe. Perhaps Killtowns new forum could be the answer but there's something about a blog roll i like. Pick up the torch Ningen, prove the no-planes da man...just watch out for spooks....peace

Anonymous said...

fuzzy teeth!

prof wood was allegedly hit by a car and was allegedly in a coma for many years - upon emerging from said coma she proceeded to become an engineering genius - a true professor.
anyway, wood (W) has been accused by some of being a deep agent of the 9/11 perps...webfairy (WF) has insisted that she has actually met with W and that because W had fuzzy teeth (lack of brushing due to said coma?) was indeed in a coma.
here is the rub:
the side that says that W is an agent actually makes some very good points to that effect - and the side that professes to back W seems to be confused at best, or as some have lately posited, deep agents as well. (WF, Nico, etc)
however, the side against W, IMO, has lately seemed so foolish and vaccilating that they are also either agents or just morons that perhaps need to simply step back and take a break from 9/11 considerations.

this is just my 2 cents on this matter.
IMO, ningen & spooked seem to be individuals of speculative integrity and are worthy of general trust.
in their favor, both have remained outside this fuzzy teeth you are an agent no you are the agent nonsense.

james ha.

Anonymous said...

and, ""watch out for spooks""...

while that might be good advice indeed, when even 9.11 "icons" such as webfairy, holmgren, nico and prof wood herself stand accused of being deep rooted agents, where does one turn?

one can only turn to one's own common sense...
obviously a real 767 (lightweight thin-walled aluminum tube with a plastic nosecone, in short nothing more than a large flying beercan) could not in reality even BEGIN to penetrate a massive steel and concrete wtc.
does one believe that it could?
then one should be prepared to explain exactly IN WHAT MANNER that it could.
does it:

A) cut thru like a blade?
B) bludgeon thru like a hammer?

these are the beginnings of the actual physics of a real 767 really hitting a wtc, not any distractive calculations of velocity or mass.

so far NO-ONE, from alleged "smart guy" greg jenkins to alleged "smart guy" morgan reynolds has seen fit to even BEGIN to explain such, leading me to believe that they are either morons or official shills.

if a real aluminum/plastic 767 were to really strike a massive steel/concrete wtc with a force equivalent to X then the massive steel/concrete wtc would also be striking the aluminum/plastic of a real 767 with THE SAME FORCE EQUIVALENT TO X.

a real 767 is a flying beercan and would squash against the massive steel/concrete wtc like a regular beercan beneath a clownshoe.

still on guard;
james ha.

Ningen said...

Holmgren is not an agent. If you think I have integrity, trust me on this. He exposed these people, and a little disruption to do that is a small prove to pay.

Anonymous said...

perhaps he and some others simply need to take a break.

Ningen said...

h, it is my hope that this is just a break for Gerard, as I think he is the best we have. He appears to be profoundly disillusioned by at the behavior of the people he criticized, and is despondent about the prospects for an honest assessment of the facts of 9/11.

Ningen said...

h, your assessment of the fuselage impact has been affirmed by this person, who identifies himself as a structural engineer and metallurgist. His explanation makes sense, and is easy for me as a layman to understand.

The self-limiting mechanism for deformation of steel, which stops transfer of load to the steel once the softer aluminum begins deforming, is the point you have made with your beer can analogy.

"[I]n a collision between these two materials, the aluminum alloy will be crushed like an accordion even if the steel is severed.I consider the severance of the steel by shear an extremely unlikely event for the following reasons.Upon impact, as the aluminum alloy will be deformed at a greater rate than the steel, which will make the aluminum alloy prone to what is called plastic deformation which is irreversible.That deformation will generate heat in the aluminum alloy.Given that the plastic deformation is what is used up in consuming the kinetic energy of the plane, it is quite likely that localized melting of the aluminum alloy will occur.Once that starts no further load transfer to the steel is possible.So, in effect, there is a self limiting mechanism for the deformation of the steel."

Anonymous said...

wow it feels good to have my opinion seemingly validated by the opinion of another.
i will go a step further with my beercan analogy and say that the (beercan-like) aluminum fuselage (with a plastic nosecone) of a REAL 767, after accordioning into a big fat wad of aluminum, plastic, seats, luggage and humans, would most likely cushion the hard yet brittle turbine engines from shattering against the massive steel/concrete of the wtc.
even if one or both of the engines had miraculously hit between 2 columns and between 2 floors (unlikely at best) they would have jammed up against this wad of fuselage and not have penetrated.
these engines would definitely IMO have fallen to the ground and not have penetrated inside the wtc.
h is for ha.