Thursday, August 30, 2007

Interview with aerospace engineer on the absurdity of the planes story

Last year, Morgan Reynolds interviewed Joseph Keith.

"Joseph Keith is a retired 76-year-old software engineer who worked in the aerospace industry and just resigned from a professional group known as the Scientific Panel Investigating Nine Eleven (SPINE) founded by Canadian scientist, A.K. (“Kee”) Dewdney. The website is Curious about why he resigned (I’m still a SPINE member), I interviewed him from his home in southern California."

Jeff of recently interviewed him:

Especially from about midway through the interview, Mr. Keith talks about how absurd it is to think the planes would have disappeared inside the buildings rather than grind to pieces against the buildings. He says he was lead engineer for Boeing on its "Shaker System," designed to simulate resonant frequencies of a plane in flight. He says that from that work he knows very well how fragile the planes are, and compares them to a beer can.

He also says that the planes would have shaken themselves apart at that altitude at over about 220 mph, and also something to the effect that the thicker air would also have stalled the engines. The government claims that the videos show the North Tower "plane" ("Flight 11") travelling at about 450 mph, and the South Tower "plane" ("Flight 175") travelling at over 500 mph.

Keith asks "how stupid do you think people should be" to believe this stuff.

Listen for yourself, and think for yourself.

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