Friday, October 26, 2007

New York Web 2.0 Television interviews 9/11 activists

One of the interviewees talks about the 9/11 responders not being helped. One of them, an EMT, is about to lose his home because of disability and unpaid medical bills.

The lies of EPA's Christine Whitman about air quality after 9/11,

the refusal of the federal appeals court to find that this action supports a constitutional claim,

and the delays and evidentiary hurdles imposed on compensation for 9/11 responders

are all reflections of a political economy that would allow a 9/11 for the "good" of the system, no matter the costs to citizens, and would block a real investigation and real assignment of criminal and civil liability.

(This last paragraph is a rough beginning stab at a response to the assertions of Noam Chomsky, Chip Berlet, ad nauseum, that there is a clear dichotomy between "structuralist" and "conspiratorialist" analyses of elite actions.)

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