Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Excellent letter to Wiesenthal Center from Boston 9/11 Truth



spooked said...

Yeah, I really hate saying this, but it's clear that Jewish Semitism is a barrier to 9/11 exposure in this country-- they are part of the cover-up, no doubt.

Ningen said...

Perhaps. If all that has happened post-9/11 is in Israel's interest, I would not be surprised if Israel was involved, and don't think it is at all anti-Semitic to say so. I'm not convinced that what has happened is in Israel's interest, including the Iraq war. But Israel could have been involved, anyway. I think in any case their role would be subsidiary.

One possibility is simply that Wiesenthal Center is concerned that Israel will be blamed and anti-Semitism will result, and so opposes any questioning of the official story. This is wrong, and a cover up as you say. But there is some basis for concern. There seems to be much resistance from 9/11 Truthers, whether Jon Gold's Pakistan-did-it contingent or Real Truther's Israel-did-it contingent, to recognize that this would mainly have to have been an internal operation.

Regardless, Wiesenthal Center was wrong to associate 9/11 questioners with jihadism, and needs to be called on it, whatever their motive.