Monday, November 19, 2007

Interview with Naomi Wolf, author of End of America

About This Video

Fascinating interview with renowned author Naomi Wolf, perhaps best known for her early 1990s feminist classic "The Beauty Myth", considered by many to be one of the most important works of the 20th century.

Wolf discusses her new book "The End of America", already on the New York Times bestseller list. The book identifies ten classic steps common to all dictatorships -- including those of Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin. Alarmingly, Wolf makes the case that each of these ten steps is occurring in post 9/11 America today. The book is a call to action for young and concerned Americans and this interview intimately frames this important discussion.

I would prefer that Ms. Wolf come right at out and state the obvious: That 9/11 was not exploited but was designed as Step 1 in the fascist blueprint she describes, "Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy."

She stated in the Guardian, "It is not that global Islamist terrorism is not a severe danger; of course it is.",,2064157,00.html

"Of course it is?" That may be the politically correct thing to say, but it arguably makes her complicit with the Big Lie of 9/11.

Ms. Wolf should rethink this argument. Her statement that "global Islamist terrorism" is a "severe danger" is presumably premised on the official story of 9/11, which is an obviuous lie. So in effect, she is promoting that lie.

Otherwise, she is doing brilliant and courageous work and I thank her for it.

Her lecture at the University of Washington can be viewed here:


Anonymous said...

Ningen said...

Could you please explain what this Hawks Moor blog is about and why you posted it as a comment here? Thanks.

Ningen said...

Oh, now I see. That's real cute. Can you see the guy with his middle finger up? That's me.

spooked said...

Thanks for posting this, Ningen.

I did find it interesting that she referred to 9/11 by saying they flew a missile into the Pentagon-- then revised that into a plane.

Ningen said...

That is interesting. One might almost think she feels guilty for talking about 9/11 without acknowledging the obvious, and so let's it slip with a "missile, no plane" comment. Funny, Rumsfeld did the same thing in a press conference. Question. At this late date, given what is obvious to any sentient being that looks at the issue more than five minutes, is any public figure that gives lip service to the official lies about 9/11 really less culpable than Rumsfeld?