Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Norwegian newspaper editor publishes editorial on 9/11 questions

And amazingly, the only time he uses the term "conspiracy theory" is in describing the phrase "Official Conspiracy Theory" used in the 9/11 truth movement.

Come on, Seattle Times, this town has Norwegian roots. How about doing better than the trashy op-ed you published a few months ago?


fehodeode said...

Cool, Ningen :-)

Be sure to read my other English 9/11 paper, the Kinder Egg Syndrome.

(On Newton's three Laws of Motion and the fall of the Twin Towers (and WTC7) on 9/11.)

PS: I always thought Seattle was native or Indian territory?!

Ningen said...

Thanks for translating this, fehodeode.

I really like the iNorden site -- it looks very professional. I'll read your Kinder Egg article more closely later, but it looks quite good. I see you point out that the same laws of physics would apply to the purported plane crashes. I wish more could acknowledge that simple fact.

I'm curious - the YouTube video of the Norwegian talk show with the history professor Sorenson -- was it supportive of the OCT? It looks like you made critical commentary.

I don't read Norwegian, but it was interesting looking at Kindereggsyndromet and seeing "den offisielle konspirasjonsteorien."

So you can say, "9/11 - it's not OK."

Yes, the Norwegians in Seattle stole this land from the natives. Just kidding -- the land was taken before they came.