Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bibliography of conspiracy theory theory

Conspiracy, Conspiracy Theory and 9/11

A comprehensive bibliography of the leading mainstream and dissident literature
Compiled by John A. McCurdy 11 October 2004

Many interesting links -- here's one, a good response to the ZMag crowd:

9/11 "Conspiracies" and the Defactualisation of Analysis: How Ideologues on the Left and Right Theorise Vacuously to Support Baseless Supposition, by Nafeez Ahmed

Another good one that addresses the "structure is everything" arguments of the ZMag crowd:

The Ontological Status of Conspiracy Theory, by Hakim Bey

As Carl Oglesby points out, sophisticated conspiracy theory posits no single, all-powerful, over-riding cabal in charge of "History". That would indeed be a form of stupid paranoia, whether of the Left or the Right. Conspiracies rise and fall, spring up and decay, migrate from one group to another, compete, collude, collide, implode, explode, fail, succeed, erase, forge, forget, vanish. Conspiracies are symptoms of the great "blind forces" (and hence useful as metaphors if nothing else), but they also feed back into those forces and sometimes even affect or effect or infect them. Conspiracies, in effect, are not THE way history is made, but are rather parts of the vast complex of myriads of ways in which our multiple stories are constructed. Conspiracy Theory cannot explain everything but it can explain something. If it has no ontological status, nevertheless it does have its epistemological uses.


casseia said...

Merry merry, Ningen.

Happy New Year,

Sara/ casseia

Ningen said...

Best wishes for the new year, Casseia, and thank you for the kind words.

The Truth Action crowd thinks that Greg Jenkins, Eric Salter, and Steven Jones have answered all questions about the crash physics, and that Jeff King can be dismissed because he appears on a show with Nico Haupt. They are wrong.

I'm still waiting for Jenkins, Salter, and Jones to accept my invitation to debate these issues. Dr. Jenkins said he had accepted a new position and was too busy; the others did not respond to my email.

Anonymous said...

still at it nin? good job!

...that Greg Jenkins, Eric Salter, and Steven Jones have answered all questions about the crash physics,

none of these individuals has explained anything - jenkins scratches the surface with his calculations of deceleration based solely on a simple NIST diagram/cartoon, but his "analyses" begs many more questions than it pretends to answer. these individuals have forever sullied their own "good" names - too bad for them.
another is Bazant, who purports to explain how/why the wtc "collapsed".
his first "analyses" was submitted only 2 days after 9/11. (he must have rewinded his vcr many times while slaving over his calculator in order to have done so in only 1 day.
here is a reference to bazant's nonsense and complete rebuttals of said:

Bogus Official 9/11 Science

cheers nin!

Anonymous said...

addendum to above:

bazant's latest nonsense "analyses" was rejected by the Journal Of Engineering Mechanics.
draw your own conclusions!

Ningen said...

Hello, ha. It's nice to hear from you. Yeah, I guess I'm still at it. Best wishes for 2008.

It's nice to hear the Journal of Engineering Mechanics has some integrity.

Anonymous said...

You figured out the two individuals above are conartists, right? Cuz you're supposed to be bright and educated.

One pretends to be a progressive leftist warrior to dupe people into twooferism while making excuses for Holocaust denial. The other lives in the Philippines hoping the State Department doesn't connect him to the conspiracy crazies and their right wing domestic terrorist friends.

Now ISIS is bombing Western Countries gonna get mighty interesting for the domestic right wing groups. By "interesting" we mean all their friends will be reported to the feds like fuck. And this time the feds will listen.

Anonymous said...

Guess Ningen doesn't come around any more...

Weren't you part of the paranoid CTs who covered the drills fiasco involving Webster Tarpley and the Portland Oregon Twoofer group?

Those people all crashed and burned in 2012-2014 after being outed as Holocaust denier/Nazi wanna be trash.

It's entertaining. Thot you'd want to know.