Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Passive Nation


Scientific American, June 1958

PASSIVE NATION— “Poll after poll among our youngsters has given statistical confirmation of the phenomenon of American life which David Riesman, in his book The Lonely Crowd, named ‘other-direction’—extreme sensitivity to the opinions of others, with a concomitant conformity. As a nation we seem to have a syndrome characterized by atrophy of the will, hypertrophy of the ego and dystrophy of the intellectual musculature. This rather unpleasant portrait is an inescapable conclu-ion from the mass of data on the attitudes of the younger generation. More than half believe that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the local police should be allowed to use wiretapping at will, that the police should be permitted to use the ‘third degree,’ that people who refuse to testify against themselves should be forced to do so.”


u2r2h said...

Passive nation? Lets stay active!

http://www.members.shaw.ca/truth912/jeffkingcd2.mp3 and


are offline... do you still have a copy?

keep up the great work,
best, u2r2h


Ningen said...

No, I sure don't. Thanks for letting me know someone still reads this!

My musing on 9/11 is pretty much done, and I'm just posting things that catch my interest.

I've yet to see proof that planes hit the WTC - the videos fail as evidence and that seems to be the only evidence offered.


Ningen said...

Oh, those are my links. Thanks for the heads up. I'll try to find a copy but it will be a while.