Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boardroom terrorists

I would say there are many more people in this country worried about losing their homes than about Islamofascists blowing them up. Terrorized, if you will.

Catherine Austin Fitts explains the conspiracy at the top of the food chain:

She concludes:

"Think of it. The housing bubble has reached it’s logical conclusion. If you can get enough people to buy a home for no money down, you can buy their country for no money down."

Her prior article, "Predatory Gentrification," describes real terrorism by developers against HUD affordable housing tenants and homeowners to get them to leave their homes.

She says: "you need to understand that predatory practices whereby powerful corporate and banking interests use illegal and unethical tactics to expropriate wealth from the middle class and poor are common and that the law may or may not be relevant."

9/11, a predatory practice, preying on fears to expropriate wealth for the military-industrial complex?