Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Purdue Boeing Crash Simulation

The second animation in the YouTube video below is more what I imagine would happen when a Boeing hit the World Trade Center.

The fuselage entering smoothly without deformation or fragmentation strikes me as strange. Was it assumed?

The Purdue study is described here:

More on the Purdue studies here:

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Anonymous said...

a 767 is nothing more than a giant flying beer can. did you know that when a 767 is way up there - say 35k' or so - they only pressure the cabins to an atmospheric equivalent of 8k' because a sea level pressure would put too much strain on it's fragile beer can seams.

the very instant when the 767 nosecone - which is made of plastic - encountered the massive steel columns - placed @ 2' centers and fully backed up by the horizontal concrete floor slabs which were in turn tied into and fully backed up by the even more massive core columns - it would begin to crumple into a big cushiony wad of aluminum, preventing itself from entering the wtc.
stomp a beer can onto a BBQ grill placed upon bricks and see how much of the beer can goes thru said BBQ grill.