Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Face it - we're all kooks - Part 2

A few months ago I argued that questioning whether the planes hit the WTC towers was no more "kooky" to believers in the 9/11 official story than other theories like controlled demolition of the towers.

Pat at ScrewLooseChange recently made a statement that supports my point:

I don't agree with the no-planes stuff. I don't agree with any of you folks on 9-11. You may think that you represent the "responsible" wing of the Truth Movement, but you're almost all kooks to me, and the idea that "no-planers at the Pentagon" are somehow more reasonable than "no planers at the WTC" is just risible.

Question the planes at the Pentagon is acceptable at 9/11 Blogger, and you will get a real debate, with some people arguing that it will discredit the "Truth Movement," but attacking those who raise the issue only mildly if at all. Question the planes at the WTC towers, however, and you are likely to be called a disinfo agent, and your arguments will not be addressed.

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