Sunday, June 10, 2007

CNN thought it was important for us to know that Palestinians were possibly claiming responsibility for 9/11

Beginning at 3:50 of the above video, the CNN announcer says that Flight 93 went down "not too far from Camp David," and says:

"Why is that significant? Because one of the groups possibly claiming responsibility for all this terrorist attacks is the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and it was this week, and it was this day in 1978 that the Camp David accords were reached. Is there a connection? At this point we don't know but it is important to be aware of that situation."

The claim that DFLP was claiming responsibility was reportedly based on an anonymous call to Abu Dhabi television.

By 9:31 PM on 9/11,CNN was reporting that the leader of DFLP denied responsibility:

Why was it important to be aware that an unsubstantiated claim had been made about this group? What could viewers have possibly done with this information, even if confirmed to be true? Shouldn't the media have awaited confirmation before accusing this group, and indirectly, all Palestinians?

This of course pales in comparison to this media incitement to genocide:

CNN was engaged in propaganda, not news. That is why it was "important to be aware of this situation."

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