Sunday, June 10, 2007

Obviously wrong witness

Watch the guy interviewed beginning at 15 seconds of the below video. He denies there was a second plane, and says it was a bomb. The reporter knows that a second plane hit, so he moves on to look for a witness that knows what really happened. It doesn't matter where this witness was or what he saw, because he is obviously wrong. A plane hit, and thousands of people must have seen it, so we know a plane hit, and thousands of people saw it, so we know a plane hit. Most importantly, it was on television, so we know it happened.

The reporter knows the truth. "That's what we were told, a second plane. We saw it on television."

I am afraid this poor witness comes from a pre-mediated culture. Thankfully, the reporter went to find a witness who knew what the reporter really saw on television.

Still, I have to wonder what Professor Loftus would make of this guy who had not seen the truth on television.

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