Thursday, June 14, 2007

"September Clues" Part 5

See also "9/11 Solution" for suspicious instant explanations for the "collapse" of the towers, further suggestive of media complicity.


Greywolf said...


I don't have any specific comments at the momement about what you've been posting, but I just want to say I apppreciate what you are doinging and I find a lot of the stuff you post interesting.

Please keep blogging as long as you feel the urge too. I'll be among your readers.

Ningen said...

Thanks, Greywolf. It's nice to know someone is reading and watching the stuff I post.

Anonymous said...

Terrific.However my comments don't seem to get posted.

Ningen said...

I have published every comment I received except one last year. At least I hit publish, and usually check to see if it appeared. I have been fortunate in not getting empty insults, but unfortunate in not getting much criticism. Try again, please, and email if your comments don't appear.