Friday, November 16, 2007

"9/11 conspiracy website" outdoes Weisenthal Center in opposing Croatian clerical-fascist rock star

Jared Israel and his website The Emperor's New Clothes did some of the earliest questioning of the 9/11 official lies, and as usual with their work, did it carefully and well.

Now, Mr. Israel is protesting the North American tour of Croatian rock star Marko Perkovic Thompson.

Israel makes a good case that Thompson (who has taken the name of a Thompson machine gun) is indeed a promoter of Ustasha clerical-fascism. This history has been downplayed by U.S. mass media, as it did not fit the policy of blaming the Serbs for the Yugoslav conflict, but the history is shocking and can be read at the Emperor's Clothes website.

The Weisenthal Center has also opposed the Thompson tour.{6E20629D-4EEB-4E22-A75E-48D92A6F2EF7}¬oc=1

Ironically, the Weisenthal Center downplays how many Serbs, Jews, and Roma were killed by the Ustashe in death camps during World War II.

and reply:

Jared Israel is right, in my opinion. If you're interested, read and decide for yourself.

Mr. Israel also criticizes the New York Times for downplaying the resurgence of Ustashe clerical-fascism in Croatia:

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Ningen said...

Yes, this post was spurred by my anger at the Simon Wiesenthal Center for associating 9/11 activists with terrorism at the congressional hearing on H.B. 1955.